On the first week of June the whole SuperWEAR team has meet into the headquarters of TMCOMAS in Blanes (Spain).

During the two days of meeting, each member of the team has presented the news related to this project.

On this occasion, the reunion has had place on the headquarters of TMCOMAS that coordinatesthis bilateral (Germany-Spain) project with Dr. Jaume Nin, head of the technical department and R&D, and Eloi Font, from the technical office.

About SuperWEAR Project:

The SuperWEAR project, elected during the last Eurostars call, has as a goal to obtain the profitable ceramic thermal spray coatings that improve the wear behavior and corrosion, with the goal of implementing, in an industrial level and for the first time in Europe, the Thermal Spraying Suspension (STS) technique.

In this bilateral Project between Germany and Spain and led by TMCOMAS thanks to its extensive experience in the field of R&D, also participate OBZ Innovation, GTV Verschleißschutz,STERNHidráulica, the Basque research center TEKNIKER and FRAUNHOFER–Gesellschaft.